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Traditional dishes and Street food

“met meer dan 100 zitplaatsen een van de grootste in Amsterdam”

Indiaas eten
Indian Food

We at Guru believe that food is a conversation of a lifetime and want to re-establish that dialogue through our ingredient-centric menu. Evoking a touch of their own nostalgia, Harman and his chef have created traditional Indian dishes the way they should be prepared: using a variety of herbs and spices that they make themselves, while staying true to India. Come with your family, loved one or friends who love spices, and enjoy a sensational meal!

New at Guru
street food

One of the best dishes in a country is Street Food literally translated Street Food. In addition to authentic Indian dishes, Guru's menu also contains Indian Streetfood. We have brought various dishes from different regions of India into our menu to deliver a diversity of Indian flavors. The combination of fresh ingredients and authentic spices will exceed your taste expectations. This experience would make you feel like you are eating hot sizzling Street food in India.

Papperdam (1ps.)

Dun krokant gefrituurd indiase linzen brood

Chicken Tikka

Seasoned pieces of chicken fillet from the tandoori oven

Tangri Kebab (2 ps.)

Chicken drumsticks marinated in ginger, garlic and herbs from the oven

Pepper Bites

"Street food" of fried crackers with potatoes, yogurt, onions, chutneys and herbs as a topping

Tandoori Chicken tikka

Pieces of chicken breast marinated in Indian spices and a little garlic marinade, roasted in tandoori oven

Prawn Curry

Shrimp cooked in a traditional curry sauce with Indian spices

Butter Chicken

Popular sweet creamy tomato sauce from Northern India, with chicken from our oven, enriched with Indian spices.

Vegetarian Kofta

Homemade vegetable balls in a mild curry.

Pani Puri (4pcs)

Hollow deep fried dough balls filled with chickpeas, boiled potatoes with Indian herbal water.

Dahil Bhalla

Lentil balls topped with herb yoghurt, mint sauce and honey.

Papri Chaat

Fried pieces of dough with finely chopped tomato, potatoes, red onion, coriander, yogurt, tamarind sauce and fresh mint sauce.

Chana Chaat

Boiled chickpeas with finely chopped red onion, tomato, lime and chaat masala.